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Amazing Castle Photo Manipulations

Resources Photoshop Art Works 37949 5/25/2018 12:00:00 AM

For all of you that love fairy tales here is a collection of beautiful castle photo manipulations that will for sure capture your attention. All those castles made in Photoshop are gathered from the deviantArt artists community. This is a great inspiration material and you can learn how to create your own fairy tale scene in Photoshop.

I have tried to gathered the best castle photo manipulations and you will find all kind of styles; for example if you like horror style we have some amazing dark castles. We really hope you will enjoy this collection.

The Gates of Evermhor

Forgotten Castle

Richards Castle


Kingdom of Eden

Dragon Castle


The promised land


Charmed Castle

Somber Castle

Dark Castle

Transylvanian TalesThe Castle

On The Castle Discordia

Flying Castle

Castle Of My Dreams

Dark Castle

Dream Castle

When The Full Moon Falls

Paradise Place

The Long Bridge Castlle

The Darkest Domain

Ankara Castle

The Other World

Havanahr senaiya

Castle Dreams

The return of the King

Flying Castle

The cursed castle

Enchanted Castle

The Lost City

Icy Castle

Her Castle Keeper

Kingdom of Eden

Castle and lights

The Castle of Morning Star

Mystical Castle

Castle Turtle


Floating Castle

I Alone Fly

Passing through

Stone Castle

The Festival of Hin Chang Tor

Peace of mind

The Castle which touch the sky


Dark Horror Castle


Burning Castle

In childs dreams

Fairy Tale Landscape

The tree house in the lake


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2 comment(s) for "Amazing Castle Photo Manipulations"

6:53 AM Sunday, February 2, 2014
Hallo, Ik heb het lesje "amazing castle" gemaakt. Het klopt niet helemaal maar het is wel arbeidsintensief. Ik schrijf de commentaar in het Nederlands, ik heb het werkje ook met google vertaald en dat lukte aardig, Groeten en een prettig week-end Frieda
Hi, I made the "amazing castle"?????? lesson. It's not quite right, but it is hard work. I write the comment in Dutch, I translated the task with google and it worked nice.
Greetings and a nice week-end Frieda reply
6:59 AM Sunday, February 2, 2014
Hi Frieda,
the "White Queen Fantasy Castle" tutorial is indeed complicated because it has lots of stock images that you have to blend. Your result looks nice but there are some Drop Shadow effects that are not realistic. Also you have to improve your selection/clipping mask/remove background techniques. reply

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