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Photoshop Gold <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span> Collection | PSDDude Resources

Photoshop Gold Style Collection | PSDDude

Resources 1532 Views

You can create amazing gold text effects by using these unique gold Photoshop styles, both free and premium. This is a 2017 updated list of Photoshop text effects. There are all kind of golden text style effects that you can create; for example old rusty gold, antique gold, other Photoshop metal styles like platinum. If you want to learn how to create golden style in Photoshop you can check out this collection of gold text photoshop tutorials for beginners.

Metal Chrome Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s | PSDDude Resources

Metal Chrome Photoshop Styles | PSDDude

Resources 1586 Views

Today's Photoshop collection of resources includes some amazing packs of metal chrome PSD text styles. Inside you will find unique metal styles for creating shiny steel, chrome, iron, silver Photoshop text effects. Download the PSD file or the ASL file and check out the text styles for each effect. To use these text styles, all you need to do is to copy the layer style by right-clicking on a text layer and click Copy Layer Style and then apply the effect to your own text by right-clicking on your text layer and click Paste Layer Style. This collection of Photoshop styles includes both free and premium metal text styles.

Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Layer</span> <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s Free Download | PSDDude Resources

Photoshop Layer Styles Free Download | PSDDude

Resources 1848 Views

Today's list is a collection of Free Photoshop Layer Styles. As many of you already know, Photoshop has some cool presets that you can create and save in a file format so you can easily use it in other designs. And you can also share these files with others. A Layer Style is saved in an ASL file format and can be loaded in Photoshop. Photoshop Styles are mostly used for Text Effects and Buttons but they apply to any layer. I really hope you find this list useful! If you like it please share it!

Amazing Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Layer</span> <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s That You Must Have | PSDDude Resources

Amazing Photoshop Layer Styles That You Must Have | PSDDude

Resources 1136 Views

More ASL files in this brand new and amazing list. I love the layer style because it is not only a great resource ready to be used but because it's also a great Photoshop tutorial. You can see exactly what effect was used, you can easily modify, adapt and create new interesting styles. All you have to do is to download the file and load it in Photoshop. Go to Edit, Preset Manager, Styles and you can load it from there. Then you can use it for any layer by opening the Layer Style and pick the effect from the Styles Window. Hope you like it, hope you share it!

Retro <span class='searchHighlight'>Layer</span> <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s for Photoshop | PSDDude Resources

Retro Layer Styles for Photoshop | PSDDude

Resources 1572 Views

In today list of Photoshop resources I have gathered some amazing retro and vintage text styles that every designer must have. The collection contains both free and premium retro Photoshop styles; you simply download the ASL file, load it in Photoshop and apply it to your text/shape/raster. If you want to learn how to create retro text styles in Photoshop check out this amazing list of tutorials.

100 Delicious Food Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s | PSDDude Resources

100 Delicious Food Photoshop Styles | PSDDude

Resources 1226 Views

Turn foods into words with these amazing food layer styles. Create food typography instantly with 1-click using Photoshop styles. You can use these text styles for all kind of projects like restaurant banners, flyers, etc. Because most of these styles are not 300 dpi print ready you can use them online for creating food PowerPoint templates for diet plans or cooking books. Designing headers for food recipe websites is another idea.

Stone and Rock Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s | PSDDude Resources

Stone and Rock Photoshop Styles | PSDDude

Resources 1849 Views

Photoshop styles are a quick way to create amazing text effects with just a single click. The layer styles can be saved on your computer as ASL file and installed in Photoshop for further use. In this collection you will find some amazing stone and rock Photoshop styles that you can use in your designs. As usual I gathered both free and premium stone text styles so plenty to choose from. All the text effects are made with realistic rock stone textures and patterns that can be easily replaced and customized.

Chalk and Chalkboard Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span>s and Actions | PSDDude Resources

Chalk and Chalkboard Photoshop Styles and Actions | PSDDude

Resources 1641 Views

In this collection you will find some of the best tutorials for creating chalk effect in Photoshop as well as useful chalk styles both free and premium. The list also includes some chalk brushes that you can use in your designs. Last but not least you can create your own chalkboard and blackboard using 1-click Photoshop actions.

Candy <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span> Photoshop Collection | PSDDude Resources

Candy Style Photoshop Collection | PSDDude

Resources 1319 Views

Fresh collection of candy styles for Photoshop that you must have. The list contains free candy styles but also some premium files if you are willing to spend some money. You will see that some of the free candy styles are better than the premium ones. The pop candy is one of my favorite styles ever. If you want to read some more related resources like candy tutorials, how to create chocolate and cookies check out our candy resources. This collection includes only Photoshop styles, that means you are downloading a file with ASL extension. After you download the ASL file you have to install it in Photoshop; double click on the file or simply drag and drop in Photoshop. Open the layer styles window of any layer and from the Styles choose the style that you have just uploaded.

Photoshop Contour <span class='searchHighlight'>Layer</span> <span class='searchHighlight'>Style</span> Settings Tutorials for Beginners ... Resources

Photoshop Contour Layer Style Settings Tutorials for Beginners ...

Resources 1305 Views

Learning how to work with Photoshop contours might prove really useful for creating outstanding text layer styles. Contours are among Photoshop presets like brushes, patterns and styles but many people especially newbies don't know how to work with them. From these quick tutorials for beginners you will learn how to use glossy contours, how to create a contour curve, how to load new contours and pretty much all you need to know about this preset.

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