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<span class='searchHighlight'>Clouds</span> Text in Photoshop Tutorials

Clouds Text in Photoshop

Learn how to create your own clouds text in Photoshop from this easy to follow tutorial. Anyone can do it, all you have to do is to apply some filters and your text written with clouds is ready. Use some clouds brushes for the final touches in less than 5 minutes you have a realistic looking Photoshop clouds text that I hope you like!

<span class='searchHighlight'>Clouds</span> Photoshop Brushes Resources

Clouds Photoshop Brushes

Resources Brushes 39164 Views

You can download these amazing clouds brushes for free and use them in your designs. This collection of free sky and clouds brushes contains over 100 realistic clouds that were created after real cloud and sky images. Simply install the ABR file in Photoshop and they are ready to be used. These brushes are extremely useful for creating clouds effect in Photoshop, to adjust a clouds texture and so on. The list contains only realistic clouds brushes so if you are looking for vector shapes or cartoon like clouds you can find some under our clouds tag.

Cartoon <span class='searchHighlight'>Cloud</span> Photoshop Shapes Resources

Cartoon Cloud Photoshop Shapes

We are giving away this set of cloud photoshop vector shapes for all our registered users. The CSH file contains 14 cartoon clouds made with Photoshop CS4. If you want to make realistic clouds in Photoshop you can always use cloud photoshop brushes or even cloud textures. But if you want to make a cartoon vector illustration, these vector clouds are a really good choice. So download my cloud custom shapes and don't forget to share with your friends.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Cloud</span> Shape Vectors for Photoshop Resources

Cloud Shape Vectors for Photoshop

Here is a new list with all the cloud shapes available for free on the internet that I could find so far. As you probably know, a vector cloud is useful if you want to create cartoon illustrations, icons, website templates and so on. For photo manipulations, where you need more realistic clouds I recommend you to use cloud brushes or cloud textures. This collection contains over 50 cloud shape vectors in CSH file format, so plenty to choose from. You can easily change the shape of these cloud vectors and combine them to create new and interesting shapes. You will have to use the Photoshop vector tools to do that.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Cloud</span> Brushes for Photoshop Resources

Cloud Brushes for Photoshop

Resources Brushes 34498 Views

I am starting the new year with a free set of Photoshop Cloud Brushes that are made in a cartoon style, perfect for scrapbooks and doodle designs. You can find 23 cloud brushes drawn by me in Photoshop, using different other brushes and textures. I had a lot of fun making these cartoon clouds and I'm planning to make a tutorial on how they were created. All I can say is that with a little bit of imagination you can easily create hundreds of funny clouds. All our registered users can download them for free. You only have to open the archive and load the ABR file in Photoshop. These nice clouds brushes will be into your list of Photoshop brushes ready to be used. Enjoy!

Tag <span class='searchHighlight'>Cloud</span> PSD Resources

Tag Cloud PSD

Download for free our new PSD file that includes 6 tag clouds in 6 different color variations. All the layer styles are intact and the tag itsef is a vector shape, so in terms of color and shape you can make all the changes that you want with little effort. I will write a tutorial explaining how exactly can a tag be used in an website and how to integrate the PNG image(s) with html and css. I honestly prefer to make all the styles settings for buttons and tags directly in CSS, to decrease the loading time.

Tag <span class='searchHighlight'>Cloud</span> Free PSD Collection Resources

Tag Cloud Free PSD Collection

Here is a list with free tag clouds that come with the PSD source file so that you can easily customize these cloud tags. You can pick one of these clouds and use them for your website. There are some more complex tag clouds that can be animated showing the number of keywords returned by a certain search. But you will of course need some CSS skills to make them work. You can check out my tag cloud PSD set or if you want to create it yourself you can choose my tag vector shapes as a starting point.

Over 50 Free Beautiful <span class='searchHighlight'>Clouds</span> Textures That You Must Have Resources

Over 50 Free Beautiful Clouds Textures That You Must Have

Resources Textures 70042 Views

As a designer, it is really important to have as many great textures as you can. In today s collection i have picked up some of the most amazing clouds textures that i could find. The images are under the within Creative Commons-license which means that you can modify, adapt, or build upon, they are really beautiful, great quality and i think that this is a really useful resource. Enjoy!

Funny Cartoon Rainbow Tutorials

Funny Cartoon Rainbow

Tutorials Drawing 27315 Views

Hello,In this tutorial I want to show you how simple it is to make a funny cartoon image! You only need a grass texture image and the rest we will draw: the rainbow, the sky and the clouds.

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