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Download free wood texture images & backgrounds for Photoshop . I have selected 100 beautiful wood textures Free for commercial use. Choose from different kinds of wood textures, some for every taste and need. So you will find in this list rustic wood, polished wood, dark wood, rurned wood, painted wood and so on. Wood textures are great for 2D or 3D designs and I really hope that you will find this list useful!

Check out this collection of Wood Text Effects tutorials to see some of the things that you can do with wood texture in Photoshop.

Free Wood Texture With High Resolution

Parquet Oak Wood Hi Res Texture Free

Light Wooden Texture

Wood Texture

Blue Wood Background Image HD

Blue Wood Background Texture

Rustic Wood Plank Texture

Painted Wood Plank Texture

Dark Wood Grain Background

Oak Wooden Texture Seamless

Pattern Wooden Texture Seamless

Flooring Wood Texture Seamless

Flooring Dark Wood Texture Seamless

White Wood Background Image

Wood Background Image With Food

Wood Background Image For Christmas

Elegant Setup Wood Background Image

Wood Texture Background Box

Tileable Light Wood Texture

Wood Texture Old Door

Dark Wood Texture

Rustic Shiplap Wood Texture Free Download

Wood Grain texture

Closeup of large wood texture area

Wood Texture


Free Wood Textures

Solid Dark Wood Grain Texture


Burned Wood Texture

Free Wood Textures

Dark wood texture

Free Wood Textures

Free Wood Textures

Wood Wall Free Texture

Cherry Wood Texture (No longer available)

Cherry Wood
 Texture Photoshop

Cherry Wood Texture by zooboing

Beach Wood texture

Green wood panel texture

White Painted Wood Texture

Wood texture

Wallnut Wood Texture

Dark floorboard Wood background texture

wood texture texturebits

Wood uncut

Old wood table texture

Grey Wood background texture

Wood texture

Wood and Creosote Texture

Old Wood Texture

Dark Wood Background Texture

Wood Flooring Texture

Wood Floor Texture

Light Wood Background

Nailed Floorboard Wood background texture

Old Wood Grain Texture

Dark Wood Grain Background Texture

High Quality Seamless Wood Tile Texture

Wooden Texture High Resolution Images

90 Wooden Textures Pack (No longer available)

90 Wooden Textures Pack

Texture pack by lassekorsgaard

Rustic Wood Texture Photos

45 Light Wooden Texture Images

Brown Wooden Textures

Black Wood Texture Pack

Old Seamless Wood Texture Images

Seamless Wood Textures

Wood Textures HD Images

Wood Tile Floor Texture (No longer available)

Wood Tile Floor Texture

Wood Tile Floor Texture by valkiria-stock

Free Wood textures pack

Wooden Texture HD Images

Chipped Green Paint Wood Textures

Bark textures

Wood Burn Effect Photoshop Action

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7:00 AM Monday, March 28, 2011
Amazing collection, thank you! reply
7:09 AM Wednesday, October 22, 2014
very nice reply
Tom McCracken
Tom McCracken
8:58 AM Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Great roundup! Here's 8 more that I just released: reply
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Very nice collection! Thanks! reply
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Great list... reply

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