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Useful Collection with Free Photoshop Music Brushes

Resources Brushes 29935 Views October 7th, 2010

This free Photoshop resource is really useful for people that make music posters, cd covers, etc. There are a lot of nice brushes in this list and i will sure use some of them in my next designs.

I have tried to feature different brushes like musical notes, old music sheets, music instruments, lyrics, band silhouettes, etc.

I hope you like the list and use it for creating beautiful, creative designs!


Music Brushes

Music brushes

Music Photoshop Brushes

Music Brushes

Instrumental Brushes

Sheet Music Brushes

Music brushes

Music Brushes

Vintage Music Brushes

Brushes 004

Random lyric brushes

Retro Cassette Brushes

Music Photoshop Brushes

Lady Gaga Photoshop Brushes

Music brushes

Rock Star Brushes

Antique Music Brushes

Music Brush

rock and roll brushes

Rock Photoshop Brushes

For the love of Music

Mixed Tape Brushes

Piano Photoshop Brushes

Radio BoomBox Brushes

Instruments Brushes

Music Brush Set

Music Brushes

14 Headphone Brushes

antique music instruments

Band Silhouette HighRes


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3 comment(s) for "Useful Collection with Free Photoshop Music Brushes"

Sonal panchal
7:00 AM Thursday, April 14, 2011
useful collection for designers..

Thanks reply
7:00 AM Friday, April 15, 2011
your welcome my friend reply
6:27 AM Tuesday, April 24, 2012
thanks, grrrrreat work! reply

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