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Rain Photoshop Free Action

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Free action for creating rain effect in Photoshop with 1-click. The pack includes also a rain pattern and a rain brush to customize the result. You can transform any image instantly adding realistic rainfall with raindrops. If you want to personalize the result even more you can combine the free rain Photoshop action with these rain textures free stock images.

Realistic Falling Rain Photoshop Action

Our new Photoshop freebie is a cool action generator that will help you create realistic rain with raindrop effects out of any photo/image/picture.

How to Use it

1. Login to download the ZIP file. Inside you will find an ABR(Photoshop brush), PAT(Photoshop pattern) and an ATN(Photoshop action) files that you have to install in Photoshop.

2. Load the ABR and PAT files in Photoshop go to Edit > Preset Manager and simply click on the Load button; make sure you select the right Preset Type for each file. To load the ATN file, go to Window > Actions and choose Load actions.

3. Open an image and play the "rain by psddude" action. The result has all the layers intact so you can customize the result. The action works great for portraits as well as for landscapes.


This action is free for personal and commercial use with attribution. Do not redistribute the action on other websites. You will have to join our community(free registering) to download the action for free.


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2 comment(s) for "Rain Photoshop Free Action"

1:33 AM Thursday, June 8, 2017
nice photoshop action for beginner as well reply
Martin Kulin
Martin Kulin
12:35 AM Wednesday, September 12, 2018
thank you seperb reply

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