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Out of Bounds Frame Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Resources Tutorials 15416 Views January 17th, 2014

Out of frame or out of bounds images are post processed photos to give a 3D effect. Some of the content of the original image is taken outside the photo boundaries, presented in a creative 3-dimensional perspective. Here are some exceptional examples of out of frame photo manipulations to inspire from. And in this collection you will find some of the best tutorials to help you create out of bounds effects in Photoshop; the list also contains two useful out of frame Photoshop actions and PSD mackups.


Out of Bounds Photo Frame Photoshop Tutorial

Out of Bounds with Photoshop

Out of bounds surreal photo manipulation in Photoshop

Create a cutout photo with out of bounds effect in Photoshop

Person Jumping out of Photo Frame in Photoshop

Sports Pop Out Photo Frame Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Pop up effect in Photoshop

Creating out of bounds photoshop effect tutorial

Out of Bounds Image Photoshop Quick Tutorial

Design an out of frame photo manipulation in Photoshop

Out of Frame Jump out the Screen Illusion with Photoshop

Photo Cutout out of Frame Manipulation Tutorial

Out of Bounds Free Photoshop Action

Out of Frame Photoshop Photo PSD Mockup

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5 comment(s) for "Out of Bounds Frame Effect Photoshop Tutorials"

John Shaver
2:21 AM Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Cool list, we've got a tutorial on the same effect :) http://www.photoshopvideoacademy.com/courses/how-to-create-an-out-of-bounds-pop-up-photo-effect-in-photoshop reply
2:24 AM Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Your out of bounds car photo effect looks cool! For my blog readers, you can watch the out of frame video tutorial here. reply
8:29 AM Wednesday, February 18, 2015
3D Photo Frame Out of Bound Photoshop Generator - $3

1:23 AM Sunday, February 21, 2016
In this tutorial we will be looking at how to create an "out of bounds effect" where a train will be coming out of it's own photo border offering a very surreal effect. This effect can be applied to any object.

http://blog.123rf.com/6-simple-steps-for-an-out-of-bounds-effect/ reply
3:20 AM Monday, May 09, 2016
Create out of frame photo collage in Photoshop

http://effectphoto.blogspot.ro/2015/11/out-of-frame-photo-collage-in-photoshop.html reply

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