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Light Bulb Creative Photo Manipulations

Resources Photoshop Art Works 36340 Views February 21st, 2013

Find your inspiration in this amazing light bulb inspired photo manipulations that I am sure you will enjoy. The light bulb is usually associated with smart mind, bright ideas, creativity and knowledge, etc. So no wonder that many of the following Photoshop artworks follow this particular idea. But there are also some unusual manipulations that are born from more interesting concepts. I really hope you will enjoy these interesting artworks and maybe decide to crete your own light bulb photo manipulation.


My world in a Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

Aqua Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

Mermaid in Light Bulb Photoshop Manipulation

Life in a Bulb Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb Adobe Photoshop Manipulation

Tales from Light Bulbs and Boxes Photo Manipulation

Power Lines inside a Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

Broken Glass Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

City Lights inside a Bulb Photoshop Manipulation

Goldfish Power Light Bulb Photoshop Artwork

Duck inside a Light Bulb Photoshop Manipulation

Bulb World Photo Manipulation

Surreal Morphing Pear with Light Bulb Photoshop Artwork

Underwater Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

My lightbulb Photo Manipulation

Wine Glass Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb Creative Ming Photo Manipulation

Light Beer Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb Dance Surreal Photo Manipulation

See The Light Photoshop Manipulation

Enlighten Photo Manipulation

Fishes inside a Light Bulb Surreal Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb Aquarium Photo Manipulation

Dark Light Surreal Photo Manipulation

Light Trapper Photo Manipulation

Light is free Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

Impossible Becomes Possible Photo Manipulation

Self Portrait Light Bulb Photo Manipulation

the lights in the sky

Light Bulb Tree Shines in Darkness Photo Manipulation

Ecobulb Photo Manipulation

Losing Earth Surreal Photo Manipulation

The Ballad of Broken Hearts Surreal Photo Manipulation

Think Photo Manipulation

Lights Out Light Bulb Creative Photo Manipulation

Light Bulb as Fish bowl Photoshop Manipulation

Ampere Resigns Light Conceptual Photo Manipulation

Odd Displacement Photo Manipulation

Pear Light Bulb Morphing Photoshop Artwork

Light Bulbs Sky Photo Manipulation

Philosophy Photoshop Artwork

Energy Core Light Bulb Creative Photo Manipulation

Surreal Photoshop Manipulation with Light Bulb

Be Creative Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Light bulb World Photo Manipulation

Butterfly Invasion inside a Light Bulb Manipulation

3 Light Bulb Creative Ideas

The Boy Who Lit The Stars Photo Manipulation

The Door on Light Bulbs Field Surreal Artwork

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2:11 AM Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Luminescent Dream Photoshop Manipulation reply

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