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Horror Dark Gothic Backgrounds for Photoshop Manipulations

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Amazing hand picked dark horror premade backgrounds that you can use for free in your photo manipulations. These background are really useful and you save a lot of time using them in Photoshop. They also serve as a great inspirational material if you want to create your own creepy landscapes. There are some horror elements that will help you create a Gothic background. For example you can use angel and religious statue, grave, graveyard, skull, ruins, abandoned castles, night, moon, night forest and many more. Hope you will find this list useful.

Gothic Romance Photoshop Premade Background

Creepy Swing Premade Background for Photo Manipulations

Premade BG Dark Labyrinth Photo Manipulation

Grave Premade Background Photoshop Manipulation

Abandoned Post Apocalyptic Scene Background

Creepy Forest Premade Background

Graveyard Premade Background in Photoshop

Premade BG The Portal

Skull Horror Premade Scene for Photoshop

Skull Island Photoshop Stock

Creepy Gothic Premade Background Stock

Premade BG Graveyard Statues

Premade Background Stock Gothic Scene

Dark Castle Photoshop Stock

Gargoyle Statue Horror Landscape

Spooky Halloween Premade Stock Scene

Death Angel Photoshop Stock Background

Guardian Angels Photoshop Stock Image

Premade Background Night Castle

Premade Spooky Abandoned House Stock Image

Premade Background Graveyard

Skull Statue Photoshop Stock

Premade Background Two Angels

Castle Ruins Photo Manipulation Stock

Dark Ghost Room Premade Background

Ghost Bridge Horror Premade Background

Creepy Boat for Photo manipulations

Haunted House free background

Moon Night Scene Landscape Free Stock

The Bridge Stock Free

Creepy Dead Trees Night Scene

Gothic Background Free Stock

Horror Scene in Photoshop

Praying Angel Statues

Dead Tree BG

Morrigans skull temple

Gates of Eden Free Background

Nocturnal Abandoned Ruins Stock

Out and Down Premade Background

Photoshop Actions to Create Dark Horror Portrait Effects

If you want to create scary looking horror portrait effects in just a few minutes you can try some of these Halloween Photoshop actions.

Halloween Ghost Animated Photoshop Action

Spooky Double Exposure Photoshop Action

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sunil rajguu
sunil rajguu
4:03 AM Tuesday, June 3, 2014
soooooooooo cute

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