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Free Leaf Social Icon Pack

Resources Icons 29827 Views August 29th, 2010

Today's free icon collection is the beautiful Leaf Social Icon Pack. This is my first try for creating social network icons, but I think that the result is quite good. I am waiting for your feedback and please share with your friends if you like it.

This set is cool because: it is free, it is organic,it is green, environmentally friendly and overall nice.



This is our first free social icons collection and I thought that it would be a good idea to make it an eco-friendly icon pack. Hope you like it and I it would be nice to hear from you if you use it in your web site designs.

Free leaf social icon pack photoshop resource by

Here is a color theme suggestion that I propose. I think that it's very important to choose the right background color for certain icons in order to get the highest visual impact. These icons also work well with the colors bellow combined with various textures like in the presentation image.

color theme suggestion for leaf social icon pack

PSDDude's color theme suggestion for Leaf Social Icon Pack

This set contains 22 social icons (updated) in .PNG format for the following social networks: Behance, Delicious, Designbump, Designfloat, DevianArt, Digg, Diigo, Dribbble, Facebook, Feedburner, Flickr, Gmail, Google Plus, LinkedIn, NewsWire, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS Feed, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter, You Tube


This icon set is free for personal and commercial use. Do not redistribute the action on other websites. You will have to join our community(free registering) to download the file for free.



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27 comment(s) for "Free Leaf Social Icon Pack"

7:00 AM Sunday, August 15, 2010
very nice , thank u dude! reply
7:00 AM Monday, August 16, 2010
Hey! that's soooo cool dude! So these icons are free to use in any web design, right?
Very nice color theme suggestion gadget

thanks dude reply
7:00 AM Monday, August 16, 2010
Hi John thanks for the comment...yap these are free icons you can use them anywhere as long as you don't redistribute, modify or sell the pack :)
The color gadget was created by a good friend of mine that knows a little javascript ... it looks reall reply
7:00 AM Friday, August 20, 2010
Hi there!
Tank you for these icons!
I would like to ask tho, since I am a C++ programmer and would like to use the Facebook icon you made for my program (Which opens a default web browser and automatically goes to the Facebook login page), is it ok reply
7:00 AM Friday, August 20, 2010
Hi Charlanna,
yes you can use the icon in your application with no worries. Of course it would be nice of you if you credit me somewhere in the help files, about box, web site where you distribute the software, but it's up to you if you want to do t reply
7:00 AM Thursday, October 14, 2010
great work with the icons, they look fab.
Just a quick one if you don't mind - what brush did you use on the leaf or how did you get the effect? just learning how to use photoshop. Thanks a million ;) reply
7:00 AM Friday, October 15, 2010
Hi David, i am really glad you like the icons!
I draw the vector leaf with the Pen Tool and than I've applied just one texture, if i remember well it is an old paper texture with Multiply blending mode, opacity 50%! i hope this answers your questio reply
7:00 AM Saturday, November 13, 2010
Thx Dude :) reply
Hazel Z.
7:00 AM Monday, November 22, 2010
Beautiful! The resources you have here are simply GREAT! I particularly liked the 30 beautiful logo designs focused on coffee... they're amazing! I have a domain that I will be developing soon --- --- and I am conceptualizing a lo reply
7:00 AM Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Dear Hazel, I am glad you like my work but there are lists here that does not contain my own work. In fact the list you are talking about, the one with "30 beautiful logo designs focused on coffee" is an external list from the site reply
7:00 AM Friday, April 1, 2011
Awesome icon set. Thank you so much. reply
Daniel Lemes
7:00 AM Sunday, April 24, 2011
Very good work! Presented here reply
7:00 AM Monday, April 25, 2011
Thank you for the feature Daniel! I am glad you like my icons :) reply
11:16 AM Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Sadly there's no Google+ image :( And no psd to make one. Trying to modify and add a G+ reply
11:21 AM Wednesday, January 25, 2012
When I made these icons I did not Know Google plus so that is the reason it misses, I should update all my icon packs.
So I have made you a Google Plus Icons, hope it works ok for you:
12:55 PM Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Hey, thank you :) However I made it myself in that day. I made one for youtube as I needed one too.

P.S Sorry for the small size, but I didn't had a bigger one from the pack. reply
1:03 PM Wednesday, February 8, 2012
If you need an empty leaf without logo I can give you one(just send me a message on my contact page with your email) reply
8:20 AM Monday, February 13, 2012
It's fine, I don't need a big size. The hardest part was to change the orientation of the leaf and remove the text to add google+ and tumbr :)
Thank you anyway.

Multumesc :) reply
8:34 AM Monday, February 13, 2012
Cu placere :) reply
1:29 AM Sunday, March 3, 2013
Hi - I admire your social icon pack but - I would like to know if you can make one of the icon for the Pinterest? Let me know - Thanks! reply
1:42 AM Sunday, March 3, 2013
Hi Joy, I have made a new Pinterest icon for you ... hope it looks ok! reply
1:14 AM Monday, March 25, 2013
Thank you for adding this! reply
1:30 AM Tuesday, December 23, 2014
free leaf!!! yeaaaah! reply
Anna Cirlot
Anna Cirlot
10:12 AM Friday, May 6, 2016
Awesome work! Thank you! Perfect for the website I am working on for an Amazon tourism company! reply
6:33 AM Monday, May 29, 2017
Hi Sandy,

I have updated the ZIP file and included two more icons for Instagram and Pixabay :) reply
Sandy Sandmeyer
8:36 AM Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Thanks so much! reply
Sandy Sandmeyer
7:43 AM Thursday, October 19, 2017
I love, love, love these icons and I'll be using them on my new site Choose Joy and Oil. I would love to see an Instagram icon, please. reply

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