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Black Dress Gothic Photoshop Manipulations

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Black has always been one of my favorite colors so I was inspired to make this collection with black dress Photoshop manipulations. There are only dark photo manipulations with different themes like fallen angel, death angel, black widow, dark queen, princess of shadows, demons and lots of other creepy themes. Most of these photo manipulations are suited for Halloween and it is for sure a great inspirational material if you want to create dark Gothic photomanipulations.


Dark Night Gothic Artwork

Dark Fallen Angel

Black Widow Photoshop Dark Photo Manipulation

Full Moon Dark Photo Manipulation

Tainted Wings Black Dress Photoshop Manipulation

Princess of shadows Dark Photoshop Artwork

Demon Queen Photo Manipulation

Dark Gothic Photoshop Manipulation

Hell Queen Photo Manipulation

Blood Vampire Queen Photoshop Artwork

The Dead Queen Dark Horror Manipulation

Resurrection Gothic Photoshop Manipulation

Dark Angel Photo Manipulation

Loud Silence Dark Horror Artwork

Dark Melodies Photoshop Manipulation

Graveyard Widow in Photoshop

Dark Photo Manipulation

Desert Queen

Lady Raven Dark Photoshop Artwork

Black Star

Black Swan

Black Hawk in Dark Forest

Black Dress Lady in Photoshop

A deadly nightshade

Dead Angel Manipulation

Raven Dark Queen

Flying to Eternity


Lady Death

Farewell Macabre Photoshop Manipulation



Ghost Horror Photoshop Manipulation

Dark hour

The Ultimate Dark Art

Gothic Dark Queen in Photoshop

Venom Princess

The Three Sisters

The Crow Deadly Man

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6:03 AM Saturday, February 14, 2015
Another interesting photo manipulation, the Bat City Attack Photoshop artwork made by

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