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Beautiful Bridge Inspired Photo Manipulations

Resources Photoshop Art Works 10417 Views June 12th, 2013

This collection of Photoshop artworks includes some beautiful example of bridge theme used in photo manipulation. You will find some inspiring artworks with different ways in which a bridge can be used; and also you can find some deep meanings and interpretations given by the artists. A bridge can be seen as a link between two worlds, as a one way pass over, can symbolize loneliness and many more.


The Bridge and the Waterfall Photoshop Manipulation

The Lonely Bridge Photo Manipulation

Bridge to Nowhere Photoshop Artwork

The Bridge Photo Manipulation

The Old Bridge Photoshop Artwork

Bridge to Loneliness Photoshop Manipulation

The Bridge to Dreamland Photoshop Manipulation

Land Bridges Fantasy Photoshop Manipulation

The Bridge To Dreamland Fantasy Photo Manipulation

The Lady on the bridge Artwork

The Sunken Bridge Photoshop Manipulation

The bridge of Love Photoshop Work

The Gates of Evermhor Fantasy Photo Manipulation

The Longbridge Fantasy Landscape Manipulation

The New World Sci Fi Fantasy Photoshop Artwork

Eastern Kingdom Artwork

Dreamers hideaway Fantasy landscape

Road to the autumn Artwork

The Last Bastion Fantasy Landscape Manipulation

After the storm Photoshop Manipulation

Midnight Summers Dream Artwork

Eastern Promise Photo Manipulation

The Castle of Eighteen Waterfalls Fantasy Photoshop Manipulation

The Lost World Fantasy Photo Mnaipulation

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