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Amazing Psdtuts from Tutsplus

Resources Tutorials 10414 2/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

Psdtuts+ is one of the best Photoshop blog out there if not the best. It is for sure a popular site among the Photoshop users, it has a huge amount of Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. I am one of their daily readers from some time now, not only for the tutorials but also for the other great resources.

Psdtuts houses some amazing tutorials and I have learned a lot by reading them. In this roundup I have gathered some of my favorite tutorials that you must study. Enjoy!


Create a magical flaming heart illustration in photoshop basix

Create a cosmic love goddess with photoshop cs5

Snow frog

Remove giraffe spots photoshop

Create a magical four piece stardust composition basix

Give a photo a complete glamour makeover with stunning light and 3d effects

Use photo manipulation and 3d layers to design a surreal cover art illustration

Create a vivid themed illustration using simple hand drawn elements part i

How to create glass transparency in a cute photo manipulation

How to create cityscape concept art

How to use texture and lighting to create rounded artwork

Manipulate smoke to create hyper real images

How to create a photo manipulation of a flooded city scene

How to make a dark post apocalyptic city illustration

How to create a post apocalyptic photo manipulation

How to create a steampunk style illustration in photoshop

Creating a touching story scene in photoshop

How to create a dark surreal illustration in photoshop

Create an explosive cover with precise photo manipulation techniques

Use a 3d model to create a dramatic scene in photoshop

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