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Amazing Photo Manipulation of Artist Mirella Santana

Resources Featured Artists 12272 Views October 28th, 2012

Mirella Santana is a young and talented digital artist from Brazil that I have found on deviantart. I was really impressed by her blending techniques as well as her digital painting skills. Mirella creates dark, emotional and fantasy photo manipulations inspired by her own imagination, where she is mixing different stock images and matte painting. I was inspired by her art works and I will try to recreate one of her photo manipulations in a tutorial. You can find Mirella on deviantart Mirella Santana DA Profile or you can join her on facebook.


The Inner Silence Photo Manipulation

Coldness Photo Manipulation

The Last Song Photo Manipulation

I just wanna go home Photo Manipulation

Queen of Sea Photo Manipulation

Sounds of Death Photo Manipulation

The guardian Photo Manipulation

Dark Night Photo Manipulation

Fly Photo Manipulation

Sweet Angel Photo Manipulation

Goldfish Photo Manipulation

Goldfish Photo Manipulation

Nocturnal Photo Manipulation

True Blood Photo Manipulation

Shattered Photo Manipulation

Black Swan Photo Manipulation

Silent Forest Photo Manipulation

Beneath My Skin Photo Manipulation

The Sacrifice Photo Manipulation

Lights in the darkness Photo Manipulation

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3 comment(s) for "Amazing Photo Manipulation of Artist Mirella Santana"

12:04 AM Saturday, November 03, 2012
Thank you!! :) reply
12:39 AM Tuesday, November 06, 2012
:) you're welcome ... I really like your art works! reply
7:59 AM Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Really nice works, i like the painted details, the composition and colors ! reply

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