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Amazing Digital Artworks of Talented Artist Larissa Kulik

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In this new list we are featuring the amazing artworks of talented artist Larissa Kulik. Beside the inspirational gallery, you will also find out more about Larissa. An interesting subject is what inspires her to create these beautiful photo manipulations and how she sees digital art in general.

Because the photography goes hand in hand with digital art, Larissa is also a good photographer. You can get in touch with her trough multiple social media networks like deviantart or facebook.

Tell us something about you

My name is Larissa Kulik, I'm a photographer and digital artist. I live in Russia and I work as freelancer in computer graphics related areas. This is my main job.

What is your Photoshop experience?

I have been working as a digital artist for a long time, and I strive to develop myself more and more in this direction. My art is a mixture of photography and digital painting in Photoshop using my Wacom graphic tablet. I spend almost all my spare time with classes related to digital art. I like to communicate with people with views and concepts similar to my own and that are as obsessed with computer graphics as I am.

What inspires you to create your artworks?

In my work I use a lot of different mechanisms for different audiences and I am often asked about the meaning of my art works. Maybe I'm trying to show the relationship we have with all that surrounds us, because I believe that in this world there are no coincidences. Ropes and strings are a metaphor, telling stories of connections that lead to a single plot. Any seeming randomness is unexplored regularity. And the world is much more complicated than people can comprehend, and much simpler than people think. Sometimes all the clues are right in front of us!

My work is the result of fantasy. Images are born of themselves, and only then I understand that all this existed in my mind long ago. I sincerely rejoice when the viewer understands what I want to express in my work! Unconsciously, we fix a lot of details that form a system of symbols and affect our mood and behavior. I've been listening to music, visited exhibitions of different artists, I read a lot about dreaming and I try as much as possible to learn the history of world culture. This is my main source of inspiration.

Nowadays there are many opportunities to realize our most fantastic ideas. This opens up new horizons for creativity and digital art collects huge audiences. Not only among artists, but also among the spectators and connoisseurs of visual arts. I hope that the meeting with the characters inside my art works will not leave the viewer indifferent, but rather will cause them to come to me again and again, to see the continuation of my stories.

Big Small Fairy Tale Photo Manipulation

Bride in Photoshop

Cat of a Mousy

Bloody Party

The Bird Photo Manipulation

Croquet and Cat Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

I Grew Up Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Apple Youth Tree in Photoshop

Steampunk Snail Photo Manipulation

The Best Life Trap in Photoshop

Cepy Silence Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Twin Girls in Photoshop

Attacking Bees Photo Manipulation

Cute Easter Photoshop Atwork

Steampunk Egg in Photoshop

Sofia and The Little Pig Photo Manipulation

Labyrinth Photo Manipulation

Journey Photo Manipulation

Where can we find you on the internet?

My work can be seen on my deviantart gallery. I also have a profile on redbubble where I publish my artworks. Another place where you can find me is my facebook account.
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2 comment(s) for "Amazing Digital Artworks of Talented Artist Larissa Kulik"

1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Great artworks, I like the ones that are inspired by Alice in Wonderland a lot.
Keep up the good work ! reply
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
I Love your work! I have seen it around and have just adored the photo manipulation. I would love to do the same. reply

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