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<span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Photoshop Tutorial Tutorials

Stamp Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a Photoshop stamp effect from this easy to follow tutorial. In just a few simple steps you can obtain a realistic mail stamp and also a stamped effect that can be applied to any image. I will use some Photoshop basics but also more advanced techniques like creating outlines with Work Path or adding effects with Filters. If you want to skip some steps you can use stamp brushes instead of creating one from the scratch. As for the font used you can replace it with a free Photoshop stamp font. For all our registered users we giveaway the PSD file. I really hope you will find this tutorial useful enough to share it with your friends. And as a plus I will release a stamp action to help you create mail stamps even faster, so stay tune.

Create a Christmas Rubber <span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> in Photoshop Tutorials

Create a Christmas Rubber Stamp in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will use one of my premium Photoshop action files to create a customized Christmas rubber stamp. You can use of course any image you want for the stamp, so you can use it to create personalized rubber stamps for all kinds of occasions. I will explain you how to use the original action to obtain great looking results. You can use this along with my postage stamp creator to get even more creative.

Create a Postage <span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Text in Photoshop Tutorials

Create a Postage Stamp Text in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a stamp text effect in Adobe Photoshop using some simple techniques. We'll make a dotted brush and using that brush we'll create the postage stamp effect. You can use this method not only for text but for vector shapes also. If you want to save time you can try our Photoshop stamp creator that comes with a vector rubber stamp included.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Social Media Icons Resources

Stamp Social Media Icons

Resources Icons 7545 Views

This list contains some of the best stamp social icons available for free on the internet. The packs include icons for the main social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. There are two stamp effects, rubber stamps and postal stamps, that come in all kind of colors, textures, etc. I have also added some useful stamp creators that you can use in Photoshop to make your own stamps from any type of layer.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> PSD Free Download Resources

Stamp PSD Free Download

Resources Vectors 117535 Views

I intended to make a PSD stamp template myself and give it as freebie on my blog but I was short on time lately, so instead I have made a roundup with the best stamp templates available for free on the internet. Even if these stamps are given with a fully layered PSD file that doesn't mean that these are vector stamps. Some of them are made out of vector shapes so you can resize them without worrying about the quality. Anyway all the stamps are editable so you can customize the color, symbols, etc. There are some postal stamp templates in this collection and also a few rubber stamps. You can combine them, the stamp and the rubber stamp to make an old envelope for example.

Rubber <span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Brushes for Photoshop Resources

Rubber Stamp Brushes for Photoshop

Resources Brushes 11534 Views

Download this rubber stamp Photoshop brushes for free. The pack includes +15 Photoshop rubber stamp brushes that you can use in your designs. Create grunge stamp effect in Photoshop in just a few simple steps with these useful brushes.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Brushes for Photoshop Resources

Stamp Brushes for Photoshop

Resources Brushes 31074 Views

Stamp Photoshop brushes list contains 13 lucky sets of free brushes made from old photos of envelopes, letters, airmails, postage, mails and so on. Follow the direct link, download them and then load the brushes into Photoshop and they are ready to be used. Here you will find mainly brushes from the deviantart community of artists. While I was trying to make an old envelope to post as PSD freebie on my blog and I realized that I need a stamp to make it look more real. So, I had to choose from making a stamp myself or using one of the many stamp brushes available for free on the internet. And while searching for these Photoshop stamp brushes, I was also gathering the best brushes in a list. And here it is, hope you like it. In my previous posts I have two related resources, if you want to check them out also. I am talking about a set of mixed brushes Photoshop Stamps Letters and Envelope Brushes and a tutorial Heart Envelope Icon with free PSD file.

The Photoshop Clone <span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Tool Resources

The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool is one of the most useful Photoshop Tools that can be used in many ways; this article will show you how you can use the Clone Tool effectively in Photoshop. The Clone Stamp Tool is commonly used for photos, scanned images, damaged old photos, etc. For example you can use this tool to remove elements from a photo, to retouch old photo, repair photos, duplicate elements from photos, add persons in a photo, create abstract effects, replace objects, obtain funny images and many more.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Stamp</span> Generator with Free Photoshop Action Resources

Stamp Generator with Free Photoshop Action

I have recently posted a tutorial on how to create a mail stamp in Photoshop. If you read that tutorial you saw that it's not hard to transform an image into a photoshop stamp and the result looks pretty nice. But what if we need to apply the same effect to lots of images? We then have a big problem because we will loose a lot of time with this process. The solution is really simple, we need to use a stamp maker. So, I have made a stamp photoshop action and it can be downloaded for free by all our registered users. It comes with two versions, a simple stamp and the other version, a stamp with a discreet shadow.

Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Stamps</span> Letters and Envelope Brushes Resources

Photoshop Stamps Letters and Envelope Brushes

Resources Brushes 35819 Views

I was always fascinated about old and antique things. So I had this idea of making my own set of brushes with lots of old stamps, letters and envelopes. This is an abr file with over 40 beautiful Photoshop Brushes. I know that there are other similar resources out there on the internet but I really hope that you will like mine also! Enjoy!

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