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Ribbon <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Vector Files Resources

Ribbon PSD Vector Files

Resources Vectors 22478 Views

Amazing collection with both free and premium ribbon vector PSD files that you can customize as you wish. This is actually the second collection, you can also check out our previous list where you will find other useful vector ribbons. You will also find inside this list amazing web elements like menu, buttons, badges and a huge collection of ribbons with all kind of styles. Many of the PSD files come with all the layer styles intact so you can easily edit colors, shades, etc.

Paper Note <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Files Resources

Paper Note PSD Files

Resources Vectors 19126 Views

Here is a collection of paper note templates with PSD files. The list includes different ripped paper notes, sticky notes, note papers and so on. All the layers inside the PSD are properly grouped and named so editing the text, shapes and colors can be done in a few clicks. Using these creative graphics you can easily draw readers??? attention, so you can successfully use them to present various announcements, news, special offers, banners and ads on your websites. The list includes both free and premium PSD files that you can use in your designs.

Heart in Envelope Icon <span class='searchHighlight'>Psd</span> Tutorial Tutorials

Heart in Envelope Icon Psd Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn some simple tricks to create a cute icon for Valentine's Day. The icon consist of an envelope with a red heart shape inside. This icon is made from scratch so no need for stock images or other resources. You can resize it to any size without loosing the quality of the image because it is a vector icon. Hope you like it! Let's start!

Sticker <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Photoshop Files Resources

Sticker PSD Photoshop Files

Resources Vectors 21969 Views

The sticker PSD files are extremely useful website design items that can be used in a variety of ways. Being very versatile especially the fully layered PSD files, stickers can be customized to your liking. You can also check out these interesting Photoshop sticker styles or my free photoshop sticker action that you can use to create stickers in Photoshop as well. These PSD templates can be used as sticker note, web badge, label, price tag and many more.

Sticker <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Free Download Resources

Sticker PSD Free Download

This is a new list of sticker PSD files that you can download for free. Most of these stickers come with fully layered PSD file so you can make some adjustments in therms of color, text, font type etc. The best quality stickers are the one that are vector based meaning you can even change the shape of the sticker. The list contains sticker badges, peeled stickers, sale discount offer stickers and many more. You also have a link to our previous collection that contains even more freebies and also some cool premium files.

Photoshop Star Vector <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Resources

Photoshop Star Vector PSD

Resources Vectors 11169 Views

Photoshop star vector with free PSD file. I did this nice vector star in Photoshop because I love the 3d effect especially on texts and vector shapes. It came out so pro (taking into account that I'm not a pro just a self taught designer) that I decided to share it with you. The PSD star comes fully layered so you can easily see/change the settings. Being a vector drawing allows you to modify the shape and color without loosing the quality of the image. I guess many of you already know how to make a star in Photoshop, you can either draw it from the scratch or use a star custom shape. My Photoshop star comes in 4 colors, put in 4 different groups so that you can easily work with the PSD file. Hope you like it!

Stamp <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Free Download Resources

Stamp PSD Free Download

Resources Vectors 124537 Views

I intended to make a PSD stamp template myself and give it as freebie on my blog but I was short on time lately, so instead I have made a roundup with the best stamp templates available for free on the internet. Even if these stamps are given with a fully layered PSD file that doesn't mean that these are vector stamps. Some of them are made out of vector shapes so you can resize them without worrying about the quality. Anyway all the stamps are editable so you can customize the color, symbols, etc. There are some postal stamp templates in this collection and also a few rubber stamps. You can combine them, the stamp and the rubber stamp to make an old envelope for example.

Tag Cloud <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Resources

Tag Cloud PSD

Download for free our new PSD file that includes 6 tag clouds in 6 different color variations. All the layer styles are intact and the tag itsef is a vector shape, so in terms of color and shape you can make all the changes that you want with little effort. I will write a tutorial explaining how exactly can a tag be used in an website and how to integrate the PNG image(s) with html and css. I honestly prefer to make all the styles settings for buttons and tags directly in CSS, to decrease the loading time.

Arrow Vector with <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> File Resources

Arrow Vector with PSD File

Download this free arrow vector and you will get the source PSD file witl all the layers and layer styles. This 3D arrow can be easily integrated with any background color/texture. If you are interested in other cool arrow Photoshop related resources you can check out these arrows and you will find not only the best arrow shapes but cool arrow brushes as well.

Vector Notebook Free <span class='searchHighlight'>PSD</span> Resources

Vector Notebook Free PSD

Resources Vectors 18410 Views

Download for free this vector notebook template and customize it as you wish. You can easily replace the notebook pattern, change the color of the paper,and many more. Use a sketch text, doodle brushes to create a cool design. It works great with all sort of sketch Photoshop resources so all you have to do is to be creative. The PSD file is free for personal non-commercial use, like school projects for example. Hope you like it!

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