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Turn a girl into a witch
Tutorials Photo Manipulation 34147 Views July 15th, 2010

In this tutorial I want to show you a simple way to transform a young girl into a witch. Do you have a “friend”? Make her a witch! Evil eyes, long nose with liquify, dirty tooth and here is the result!


Part 2

Step 4 – Pucker the Eyes

Give a meaner look to the eyes. Go to Liquify – Pucker Tool size 43 and make the eyes smaller like in the picture below…put the cursor in the middle of the iris(eye).

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Step 5 – The eyebrows

The Eyebrows – for bigger eyebrows I used Smudge Tool size 4 and I tripled the size of the eyebrow…with the Burn Tool I make the eyebrows darker and than I used Smudge Tool again this time a smaller size 2…and I draw rebel hair wires…It is important when you use Smudge Tool to use appropriate size and strength (I used 50 % strength) to obtain a realistic result.

Step 6 – The mole

Mole ….no witch without face mole…simply draw a circle with the ellipse tool and place it near the part of the skin where you want to attach it.

Than change the color of the circle by picking a tone closer to the skin.

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Now right click on the circle layer and rasterize it… you can give it shape and 3D look with burn and dodge tools.

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Now you can place as many moles as you want …I put one on the chin also.

Step 7 – Add make up

With Brush Tool and color #030201 paint in a new layer the area around the eyes. Now set the opacity of the layer to 25 %.

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary imageturn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Step 8 – Add hair details

For the hair effect we will use Smudge Tool …you have to make straight lines from one move …it is easy with the mouse you don’t need a tablet. Take your time and do this step slowly…changing the size of the brush and strength when needed….

You can also use Burn Tool to accentuate some parts of the hair….I strongly advise you after a successfuly done step to duplicate the layer so if you do something wrong to have a copy and not to lose all the work.

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Step 9 – Add a big smile

For the tooth I’ve used this photo

Crop the tooth and place it in the mouth area. Use the warp tool to make the tooth even more real (edit - transform – warp)

turn-a-girl-into-a-witch tutorial intermediary image

Zoom in the document and begin erasing the areas from the mouth that you don’t need. We will use the tooth and the bottom lip. Rotate the tooth 2,9 ( edit – transform – rotate)

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7:00 AM Wednesday, December 02, 2009
good! except the sharpen part reply

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