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Make an alien out of a real girl or woman in photoshop
Tutorials Photo Manipulation 14338 Views August 19th, 2010

Today I want to show you a simple way to transform a real girl into an alien. I will work with Color Balance, Liquify, Scale, Brush Tool...i hope you are familiar with that.


Part 2

Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and make the folowing settings:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary imageand also add 2 points in the nose place.

Step 4 - Modify the Hair and Skin

With the Liquify.Forward warp tool I have changed the shape of the hair. With the laso tool I took a little skin from the forehead and place it on the hair to look like a part of the hair is missing..i used Blur, Smudge, Burn Tool and opacity of the layer 76 % to look real. Now merge the 2 layers ..alien and the part of the skin.

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

You should now have a photo like that.

Create a new layer and cover the skin with Brush tool color #e6f809.except the eyes; go to filter - blur - gaussian blur and than change the blending mode to Color, opacity 55%.

Create another layer.. lets make little circles on the skin with green Brush Tool .

Something like this:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

GO to Filter- Blur - Gaussian Blur (set 1,6) and also set: at the blending options of the layer Blend mode: to Overlay opacity 65% , Check Bevel and Embossed (see the picture below) and check also Stroke (size 1 px and color dark green opacity 8%)

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

Now I burned a little the photo of the alien ; parts of the skin, the eyes and the hair.

Go to Blending options of this photo and do the following settings:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

This is the result we have so far:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

Step 5 - Create The Background Paper

Now, make a group(name it Alien) with all the layers and resize it to 60 can ajust the size as you wish.

Make a new layer and call it Paper and put it behind the Alien Group .draw a square with color #bfcaa2.

Choose the following colors :

Foreground: d0d4a2 Background: 79814b

Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Now in the same Layer go Filter > Noise > Add Noise. and set the following settings:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. And set the following settings: radius 0,7 px

Go to Blending Options and check Inner Shadow like in the picture below:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

You can burn parts of the paper for extra effect..

This is the result we have so far:

alien-girl tutorial intermediary image

Step 6 - Write the Text

Part 1Part 2Part 3

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4 comment(s) for "Make an alien out of a real girl or woman in photoshop"

7:00 AM Monday, January 11, 2010
Good result and especially very nice idea! reply
7:00 AM Saturday, March 27, 2010
This would make great graphics for a computer game. I'm a big fan of yours dude reply
7:00 AM Friday, September 10, 2010
Fantastic~. I enjoyed your great graphics. reply
7:00 AM Wednesday, January 19, 2011
haha,funny reply

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