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Halloween Graffiti Text Effect

Tutorials Text Effects 17849 Views June 20th, 2010

The Halloween is coming soon, so I was inspired to draw a Halloween text effect that looks like a graffiti on a brick wall texture. I will also show you how to draw a Halloween pumpkin shape using the Pen Tool. If you are interested in other articles with the same theme you can check out our other horror Halloween resources.


Part 2

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Step 4 - Apply the Gradient to the Halloween Pumpkin

The next step is to adjust this layer to take the shape of Pumpkin layer. To do that we will use

Warp Tool.

But first duplicate this layer and merge the two layers Pumpkin shadow and Pumpkin Shadow copy. Set the opacity of this new layer to 95% to be able to see also the Pumpkin layer.

Now go to Edit - Transform - Warp and start adjusting the Pumpkin Shadow layer.

As you can see I have marked with yellow dots the points that you can drag to give to the initial rectangle a round shape. It is important to drag down the 4 points inside and in that way we will obtain something between linear and radial gradient.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

With CTRL pressed click the Thumbnail of the Pumpkin layer. You will see that a selection of the Pumpkin layer has been made; be careful to work in Pumpkin Shadow layer and press CTRL+C and CTRL+V. A new layer will appear; call this layer Pumpkin Gradient. Hide the Pumpkin Shadow layer and the Pumpkin layer.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Go to Blending Options of the Pumpkin Gradient layer and set the stroke to 1 px size and color # 4d1e0b.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Step 5 -Add face features to the Halloween Pumpkin

The next step is to add nose, eyes and mouth to the Pumpkin. First you need to Zoom In the image to work with better precision.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Set the Foreground color #f98701. I will draw the eye first with the Pen Tool. Than go to Blending Options of this layer and do the following settings for the Inner Glow(color # fbba66 and Stroke color # b05213) .

halloween tutorial intermediary image

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Now you can draw the other features of the face because they will inherit all the settings for the Blending Options ; other wise you will have to set them manually.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Step 6 - Add a tail to the Pumpkin

With the same Pen Tool draw a tail and apply a linear gradient. Be careful to set style linear and the angle 11, this means that the gradient will be vertical.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Set also the stroke size 1 and color # 56280c.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Part 1Part 2Part 3

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2 comment(s) for "Halloween Graffiti Text Effect"

7:00 AM Monday, December 14, 2009
very nice! reply
Stacy Summers
1:14 AM Monday, October 08, 2012
Awesome collection! I'll try to follow one of these tutorials! Happy Halloween! reply

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